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OVF Paperless

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how often will price lists be sent out by E-mail?
For the rest of 2011, we will phase in this program by sending the price list for a different manufacturer approximately once every two weeks.
Ongoing, we will E-mail price lists anytime there is an increase, a launch of new items, or major changes to existing lines.
You also may receive updated price lists as the confirmation of changes made at the request of your OVF Sales Rep.

Are Price Lists available “on demand?”
YES! You can get ANY PRICE LIST AT ANY TIME by logging on to OVF Online ( and using the CUSTOM PRICE LIST link.

Don’t have an OVF Online User ID? Click HERE to register

Forget your password? Click HERE for a Password Reminder

Existing user? Click HERE if you want to change your password or E-mail address

In what file format will you send my price lists? Do I need special software?
We will send your price lists in PORTABLE DOCUMENT FORMAT (.PDF).
PDF files are used because they preserve the original formatting and give consistent results when printing.
They can be viewed and printed with FREE software such as FoxIt PDF Reader (recommended) or Adobe Reader for Windows XP/Vista/7, or with built-in Preview app on Mac OS X.
They also may be viewed on mobile devices such as BlackBerrys, iPhones, Windows Mobile, and Android-based smartphones (note: on some phones, there might be a charge for a PDF reader app)

What other file formats are available?
EXCEL SPREADSHEET (.XLS) and COMMA-SEPARATED TEXT (.CSV) versions are available ON DEMAND from OVF Online by using the CUSTOM PRICE LIST link in the left column.
The spreadsheet (.XLS) version may be edited with Microsoft Excel, as well as with free programs such as OpenOffice, Symphony, or Google Apps.
The .CSV version contains unformatted text, with each column of data separated by commas. It is ideal for any application that can import “raw” data for manipulation and processing.

To what E-mail address(es) will my pricing be sent?
Your OVF Salesperson requested an E-mail address from you for this purpose.
The official announcement of this program was sent to all addresses enrolled to receive price lists for their respective account(s).
Your E-mail address is used on an opt-in basis and in compliance with all applicable laws.

How do I change / add / remove an E-mail address for price lists?
E-mail with your request. Be sure to include your account number and indicate the old and new addresses.
Coming soon: manage your OVF Paperless Preferences by logging in to OVF Online (

Will this E-mail address be used for other purposes?
Your E-mail address will NEVER be sold or shared with third parties by OVF.
OVF will not use them for other promotional mailings unless you have opted in to receive such messages at the same E-mail address.
OVF may occasionally E-mail you with important information regarding pricing, system availability, new features ; however, these will be kept to a minimum.

Is there a way to ensure that my price lists don’t get caught by my SPAM filter?
Add to your address book and/or the “ALLOWED SENDERS” list (or “whitelist”) in your E-mail system.
Consult the HELP pages or technical support for your E-mail program or service if you are in doubt.